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About Us

At Midwest Quality Wholesale, our mission is to bring our traditional (Midwestern) values of personal customer service and innovation to the scale of wholesale, investing in communities to bring quality products to customers at the most economical prices.

MQW is a leading distributor of cleaning chemicals, supplies, paper products and many other products and services.

MQW specializes in the distribution of sanitation products for food processors. MQW grew out of an effort to engage and serve a new customer base here in the Midwest. Through our partnerships with suppliers like Spartan Chemical and Kimberly-Clark, we can offer cleaning & sanitation products at economical prices. Our team will work with you to identify the right products for your application. We can provide a product cross reference or come to your location and conduct a site survey. This information will be used to generate a program that is specific to your needs. By utilizing our warehouse and logistics network, as well as our in-house product expertise, we can ensure you’ll have the right products when you need them.

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